Free Online Permaculture Design Course

Annika provided this link in the lastest newsletter of the Dunedin Permaculture Group. Apparently this is a "Complete 72+ Hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course". The instructors are Larry Korn (translator of Fukuoka's book One Straw Revolution) and other world-class teachers. This is an example of the challenges online learning creates for professional educators.

Permaculture Design Certificate

The PDC is the primary qualification in Permaculture. PDC courses follow a syllabus established by Bill Mollison – most PDCs worldwide will cover the same fundamentals, but details will vary under the influence of both the bioregion and the individual tutor. Some people undertake more than one PDC during their lives in order to learn from different tutors. There are three flavours of PDC course, equivalent in content, but arranged to suit the time availability of students. In both cases the formal tuition time amounts to at least 72 hours:

The Residential (or block) PDC

Introductory Courses

There is no formal programme of introductory courses, and no fixed syllabus, but many permaculture educators run Introduction to Permaculture courses from time to time. These range from one evening to two days in duration, the longer ones typically including a tour or practical project. The history, ethics and principles of permaculture are explained and one or more applications examined. The courses offer a good taster of what a PDC course would be like.

Permaculture Training

Permaculture founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren desired that education in permaculture should be available to all, and should operate outside the constraints of national education and qualifications systems. Thus education in permaculture is for the most part delivered by experienced permaculturalists sharing their knowledge.

In New Zealand you will encounter three levels of Permaculture training:

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