3 Year Garden Apprenticeship! Beginning September, 2015

Position will begin September, 2015.

Every year we take on a new Garden Apprentice. We are currently specifically looking for potential apprentices who will choose to remain and live in the village, and build themselves a career in the garden, and who have good management and leadership skills.

Changing the way we grow (and distribute) food

Combine Harvester

Soon after the Food Forest Hui in 2013 I came across Stefan Sobkowiak's work iand we began to talk. I was intrigued by his application of  permaculture principles in the context of a commerical orchard. Even before The Permaculture Film came out, we had started to conceive of a NZ Tour. He was keen to come and I was keen to help him get in front of as many people as possible.

So here it is: The Beyond Organic NZ Tour with Stefan Sobkowiak - an opportunity to hear how productive, profitable, permaculture-inspired practices have worked in his commercial setting. As he says in the film, the concepts and the tecqniques are applicable, whether you want to take on a multi-acre orchard, or have a few fruit trees in your backyard.

An extensive calendar of 20 events has been created, from Matakana to the Wairarapa and Motueka to Arrowtown. If you're curious, have a vision for abundant harvests, and want to know what these best-practice food growing methods look like, then register today and start looking forward to discovering valuable information and meeting others who can support you and your goals.


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