From Finance to Farmer - Incredible Permaculture Farm Created in Just 3 Years!

Andrew Martin once worked in the finance industry, but after leaving that life, he and his wife Beth moved to New Zealand and developed an amazing permaculture property in just 3 years!

This film was made as part of our Living the Change series. For this series we're traveling around New Zealand making short documentary films about permaculture farms, tiny houses, and sustainability.


For those of you that experienced the outreach work of the 'Localising Food
Tour' between Oct 2012 and June 2103, attending presentations, workshops or
engaged in documentary interviews, and are curious what eventuated after
the tour, we have some news for you! After beavering away putting in
thousands of volunteer hours and Crowd Funding supported editing time,
working on the documentary material captured on the tour, the 1st of the 6
themes filmed, ‘Growing Schools’ is finally available for downloading on

Casting Call!

An American casting company, in conjunction with BBC Worldwide, has contacted Permaculture in NZ because they're wanting to make "a compelling, organic new documentary series that follows real people." They're looking for people "who are interested, have begun or want to leave modern civilization in order to start anew with their own government, own resources, everything. Really, building a society from the ground up."

"Origins" documentary free online premiere

Why we need Permaculture in our lives in 100 minutes! is allowing free viewing of their new feature length documentary "origins" until November 22nd (probably some time on the 23rd in New Zealand).

With a strong grounding in science, the film studies the effect of our increasingly toxic world and nutrient-deficient food on our wellness and on the human brain, and offers the solutions of returning to real food, meditiation, and re-engaging with nature.

Support the 'Growing Schools' documentary by the Localising Food Project

Growing Schools is the first of five documentaries produced by the Localising Food Project. It is a resource for educational institutions who are interested in learning about the benefits of natural learnscapes, how to link "the garden as a teacher" with curriculum requirements and about the various options of how to transform school grounds into enriching learning environments.
Click on 'Read more' to find out how to support this amazing project

Gardening with Soul

Check out this lovely little independent film about Sister Loyola of the Sisters of Compassion - it's showing all round NZ right now!

Sister Loyola is firmly committed to the practice of permaculture, studying it in her 80s which she talks about in the film.


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