Novel tubers: Mashua, Ulluco, Chinese yam, Arracacha, anything else?

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Novel tubers: Mashua, Ulluco, Chinese yam, Arracacha, anything else?

I am keen to experiment with novel tuber crops, but am struggling to find where I could get tubers or seed for most. I have Jerusalem artichokes already, and should be able to obtain Yacon and Chinese artichokes from Koanga (though if there's a Canterbury source that would be great). But I'd like to try out everything I can to see what grows best in our climate, we've got a lot of frost and I'd like to see what can cope with it.

I believe these are already in the country, but can't find a source for them:
Mashua - Similar to Oca ("yams"), but probably more tolerant of difficult climates
Ulluco ("Earth Gems")
Chinese yam / Nagaimo (Dioscoria polystachya / opposita / oppositifolia)

I'm not sure if these are in NZ:
American groundnut (Apios americana)

If anyone knows where I could obtain propagation material for any of these, or any other novel tuber crops I may have not thought of, ideally in Canterbury, that would be much appreciated.

Helen Dew
Chinese yams

I have a supply of Chinese Yam bulbils. For details, email [email protected]

Sweet Alice Sweet Alice's picture

Did you get your Yacon tubers? I have a couple that are sprouting that I can spare, and some black potatoes if you want them?

Novel tubers

Did you find a source of mashua? It's mid growing season now but I could send you some at harvest if you would still like some.

Mashua tubers

Hi Sue,
Just wondering if you happened to have any mashua tubers you could spare. Happy to pay for them.

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