2017 NATIONAL HUI in Kaiwaka

The 2017 National Permaculture Hui for Permaculture in New Zealand will be held in Kaiwaka, Northland over Anzac Weekend 22nd - 25th.
It will be held in the Kaiwaka Sports Association and the adjacent primary school with an emphasis on camping for accommodation to take advantage of Northland's balmy weather. The Sports association is historically significant as one of 3 venues of the first international Permaculture Conference after Bill Mollison taught a PDC in New Zealand in the mid 80s. It is a hub of community life in Kaiwaka hosting most major events.
The theme of reconnect not only alludes to strengthening bonds in all aspects of our lives, but also to Kaiwaka being a connnection point for Northland with the rest of the country and historically Maori used the Kaiwaka River to connect the East Coast to the Kaipara Harbour - the biggest Harbour in the Southern Hemisphere.
The programme will be out soon so keep an eye on the PiNZ website. A large portion of time will be Open Space Conferencing where the participants run the sessions themselves. This method will be valuable for the Permaculture community to hear each other and reconnect.
Budget details are being finalised soon and we will have registrations open at the end of January.... keep an eye on the PiNZ website http://www.permaculture.org.nz.