Website progress

A sneak peek at the new site

At the National Hui on ANZAC Weekend, we set a timeframe of six months to get the new look website in place.
As the 25th of October has approached and passed, how are we doing? The answer is that we're not quite there but have made major progress and are getting close to a launch point.
Nick Whiu has taken Designer Tara Fowler's design and turned it into HTML, styles and images, while webmaster Richard Grevers has been converting this into template files and building data views to display the content, and configuring the Drupal Content Management System and its CiviCRM (Contact relationship manager) plugin.
This has become much more than just a "reskin" - a whole new website built on the same platform (extended), with legacy items which were holding us back set adrift.
Firstly, we have a new webserver, faster and larger than our existing one, and sponsored in full by our generous web-hosts KGOVPS. In keeping with our philosophy, the server is located in New Zealand.
Secondly, we will have a new domain name - the simpler - although the old will still work.
We've implemented a two-teir system where PiNZ members will be able to publish content directly, but submissions from untrusted users will go through moderation.
A new media module will make adding photographs much easier, while ensuring that the requirements of our Creative Commons licensing - acknowledging the creator, source and original license of the work - are met.
All members and contacts are being migrated from the existing site, but content is being migrated selectively (and the migration of older content may continue after the new site goes live).
PiNZ-created content is all being reviewed and refreshed.
Pages such as regional contacts which previously had to be updated manually are being integrated into the CRM, so changes can be made once and reflected everywhere.
The Events system has been rewritten, to make it work properly and add features such as filtering to your region plus, optionally, neighbouring regions.
Our years-out-of-date resources section is being rebuilt by crowd-sourcing the favourite resources of the almost 3000 members of the PiNZ Facebook group.
And of course we will be building in online payment via credit/debit card, with automated membership reminders.
Post-launch we will be developing an optional minimalist theme for those people who are still on slower Internet conections 9or expensive mobile data)

So while we are asking you to wait just a little longer, we hope it will be well worth the wait.

The PiNZ web team.


Great to hear the new site is nearly ready. Big thanks to the Web Team for all their hard work. I am using the site for the first time on a mobile. Having to manually resize the page every time makes it a pretty frustrating experience. Will better mobile support be part of the new site too?