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2017 NATIONAL HUI in Kaiwaka

The 2017 National Permaculture Hui for Permaculture in New Zealand will be held in Kaiwaka, Northland over Anzac Weekend 22nd - 25th.
It will be held in the Kaiwaka Sports Association and the adjacent primary school with an emphasis on camping for accommodation to take advantage of Northland's balmy weather. The Sports association is historically significant as one of 3 venues of the first international Permaculture Conference after Bill Mollison taught a PDC in New Zealand in the mid 80s. It is a hub of community life in Kaiwaka hosting most major events.

Summer Newsletter editorial

Well this edition is either really late or slightly early. It which means I was able to capture more of the wonderful things that have recently being posted on the website. As well as advice on choosing land from Kama of Greenbridge in Taranaki, courses in Raglan pre-Hui, and other opportunities for permaculturalists, registrations have opened for THIS YEARS HUI beside the Waikato River.

Mapping tools

I was pointed to this web-site by a neighbour for calculating pasture areas but found so much more. As well as the Area Calculator Tool which is as easy to use as clicking on a few points on a google map, giving you the area and perimeter in feet, meters, acres, kilometers and miles... there is also a Distance Calculator, Elevation Calculator, Geocode Tools, and a link to a Free Mapping Tool.

Russia's Small-Scale Organic Agriculture Model

Imagine living in a country where having the freedom to cultivate your own land, tax-free and without government interference, is not only common but also encouraged for the purpose of promoting individual sovereignty and strong, healthy communities. Now imagine that in this same country, nearly all of your neighbors also cultivate their own land as part of a vast network of decentralized, self-sustaining, independent "eco-villages" that produce more than enough food to feed the entire country.

Horsing around

My family recently bought 2 mares into our eco-village and set up a new paddock by mowing out the kikuyu, placing a trough gravity fed by our stream, and using 1.5 meter fibre-glass poles running between existing fences to hold three strands of electric tape running off a small solar unit. As we prepared for the new arrivals we were also in training with the horse stud from whom we were to receive them. This bought about a realisation that it sucks working a horse in the mud and we needed an under-cover area to at least groom the girls if it was raining heavily.

The Dark Side of the “Green Economy” - Why some indigenous groups and environmentalists are saying no to the “green economy.” by Jeff Conant

This is an awesome article helping me affirm my feelings about the carbon trading schemes... but you gotta read past halfway to get why:


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