Eco-Village Living

Eco-Village Living

I am posting this for my friends, Sabine and Wolfgang who live at the Otamatea Eco-Village in Kaiwaka who have a lovely studio amongst abundant gardens and orchards to share with somebody.

"Since 1997 we have designed and developed our land at the Otamatea Eco Village in Kaiwaka along Permaculture lines. We have vegetable gardens, orchards, chickens and ducks, our buildings are light earth, our electricity is coming from the sun and so is our hot water. The wood burners have wetbacks and the toilets are composting toilets, to name some of the main features.

About 45 people live here at the Otamatea Eco Village on 250 acres of land, on a peninsula in the Kaipara Harbour, about 6.5km from Kaiwaka. There are 22 individually owned lots of land of between one and 5 acres in size and the remaining 175 acres are held in common.

We have a one room studio available for accommodation: 35 m2 with another 20 m2 of mezzanine floor plus a separate bathroom and dry composting toilet.
The studio is on solar power and solar hot water, has a wood burner with a wet back. There is also a gas oven and cook top.

We are looking at renting out our studio to someone who is interested in a self-reliant lifestyle, loves to experience off the grid living and ‘dealing with their shit’. Ideally we hope for someone who wants to support us with work on the land and who appreciates having a supply of home grown fruit and vegetables.

If community living, self-sufficiency and living on the land is what you are looking for, please get in touch."

Sabine and Wolfgang