Reading Landscape Documentary Film Project

Reading Landscape Documentary Film Project

Dear Lillee and PiNZ community!

You may or may not know about the Reading Landscape documentary film project. A collaboration between David Holmgren, film-maker Dave Meagher, and myself, we hope to have it done this year. I’m excited about the light it will shine on this foundational aspect of permaculture design.

To make a fully pro job, from July 15 through till the end of August, we are attempting an in-house crowd fundraising campaign.

The effort will kick off with a free-for-everyone zoom call on July 15, in which David, Dave, and I will introduce and generate some excitement about the project (which is already about 50% completed). Subscribe to our newsletters before July 15th to get you to invite to the Zoom call.

We’ll then attempt to avoid any third-party crowd-funding platform, and with the help of our friends (including you if you’re up for it), to raise a good portion of the target remaining 35K in six weeks directly through the website.

I have no expectation that helping this project out is a good fit for the PiNZ community, but if you were interested in helping out in one of the following ways, we’d be unbelievably super grateful forever.

  • Attend our Free Zoom Call: You and anyone you think might be interested is very welcome to attend the call on July 15 to learn more about the project and share some previews of what we’re up to. 

We're asking people to subscribe (and/or donate) to get details to attend the call (and just let me know if you'd like me to add you to the invite list directly). We'll also record the film so folks for whom there is a timezone clash etc can watch afterwards. 

  • Share our Campaign Photos: We're preparing some lovely images for websites and facebook etc along with template text to make it very easy to make a few awareness-raising posts throughout the campaign from July 15 till the end of August. Whether you post fresh or simply reshare from the project facebook page, our plan is to release an image and a video snippet weekly during the 6-weeks.

  • Donor Bonuses: We are also putting together a lot of bonus footage of David reading individual sites and whatnot that certain donors get access to.

The main thing, of course, is simply to reach folk who might care enough about the value of this work and be in a position to help fund it. Everything else is details.

Unless I hear otherwise I’ll put you down to send you more resources as they become ready. We’d aim to have the main folder of images and teaser videos etc ready to go first thing July.

One other thing is that we're fumbling our way through this and any tips along the way would also be appreciated!

Oh yeah, there are a few behind-the-scenes images here if you are interested.


Film Teaser Clip Is here.



My best and on behalf of David, Dave and myself,

Dan Palmer