PermaDynamics -By Frida Keegan

PermaDynamics -By Frida Keegan

A family-run farm and education site.



We strive to enrich soil fertility, sequester carbon, enhance wildlife and provide a model for regenerative, creative living.

Central to how we archive this is living in Syntropy.

Syntropic Agroforestry

​Is a method of growing food that harnesses the natural drive of nature for complexity, density, and diversity with carefully orchestrated techniques to create human inclusive ecosystems. 


PermaDynamics is a productive, organic permaculture farm on community trust land in Matapouri, Northland.

Our family settled here 16 years ago, we have ever since been translating syntropic agroforestry techniques from its birthplace in Brazil to the context of Aotearoa.




Amidst the philosophy of syntropy, we are orchestrators of a sequence of elements in succession that form a resilient closed-loop agro-ecosystem here at PermaDynamics. 

Holistic animal integration, cooking with biogas, biochar incorporation, mushrooms growing, earth building, education, compost making, market garden, food forests, food processing, and storage are all in flowing interchange with one another providing our community and families health and wellbeing and supporting us financially off the land.




Strengthening communities, ​caring for the soil, sequestering carbon, cycling water, cherishing diversity.



Rippling out from our practice of syntropic agro-ecological living is our strive for implementing a perennial diet ethos. We are continually experimenting, expanding and incorporating more regenerative, perennial forms of food production to further remove the degenerative effects of annual agriculture from our lives and inspire more people to broaden their diet to incorporate a more complex and nutrient-dense diversity of foods that help rest, regenerate and build healthy soil.



Education is a passion of ours, to be able to share, exchange and inspire others and ourselves how to observe nature, design with intelligence and interact with dynamic awareness. 



PermaDynamics isa constantly evolving entity made up of a family of four working together to each of our strengths and passions to innovate and implement a diversity of agroecosystems.

-By Frida Keegan, PermaDynamics