My forest garden in Auckland

My forest garden in Auckland

I am in the process of designing and creating a product food forest on our one third of an acre property in St Johns, Auckland. The garden used to be mainly lawn and ornamental garden borders and beds.
Updated October 2020:
I amended the heavy clay soil by creating terraces, using hugelculture, lots of compost, chop & drop and green cover crops on new beds. With droughts increasing in Auckland I hope to encourage moisture retention.


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Would love you to fill up this space with more info about what you are doing. Drawing and photos would be great to get awareness of your section.

What is vision & purpose?


Who is involved?

Is private or community-based land?

What are the stages you have planned? 

What are your resources?

Are you looking for support or inspiration?

I am very keen to hear your story


Thanks Lillee