23 Apr

Extremes of climate put pressure on farmers and food production worldwide that is only expected to increase.

On Kaitiaki Farm we’ve spent the last six years developing strategies to ‘climate proof’ our farm against the extremes of both drought and flood. These include: protecting slopes;...

21 Mar

21st March: The Affordable Eco Home

This workshop covers key aspects of designing and building a new home in an urban or rural location including: orientation; energy performance; ventilation; windows & doors; insulation; minimising construction waste; designing for expansion; self-...

PDC Farm Internship

PDC Farm Internship

Earn your Permaculture Design Certificate on a premier permaculture farm in New Zealand.

Our programme is unique in the world of permaculture in that it combines best practice teaching and learning with best practice regenerative land management.

The programme balances content,...

26 Feb 2021
12 Sep

Saturday 12th September , 4-6 PM: Building an Affordable Eco-Home: Key Points.

This workshop covers all aspects of designing and building a new home in an urban or rural location including: orientation; materials; energy performance; ventilation; windows & doors; insulation; self-...

28 Nov

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in holistic land management and eco design on one of New Zealand's premier permaculture farms. 

The weekend includes: farm tour; market gardening; fruit tree care; managing goats in a browse-based system; kune kune pigs in orchards; tractoring...

06 Sep

Hands-on Permaculture Design Workshop

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in community living, co-housing, or large section blank-slate design.

Immerse yourself in the permaculture design process as part of an innovative new housing development.

Join us for a...

27 Apr

Our Whanganui property is the only case study outside of Australia to be included in David Holmgren's project: https://retrosuburbia.com/case-studies/eco-thrif...

Our Eco-Thrifty Renovation converted a...

23 Apr

On our farm it takes a month to cut down a tree, six months to build a garden bed, and two years to plant avocados. That’s how we get more done with less effort.

Time is the 4th dimension, and using it to our advantage saves effort, money, and fossil fuels while establishing and operating...

23 Mar

Saturday 23rd March

11:00-12:30. Building and Managing Weed-Free Garden Beds. This hands-on workshop covers all the steps for converting a lawn or paddock easily into a low-maintenance/high-productivity garden.

1:30-3:00. Innovative Cookers and Dehydrators. This hands-on workshop...

24 Mar

Sunday 24th March

9:00-3:00. Permaculture Farm Tour. We run a fully-integrated diverse operation on 5.1 hectares integrating plants and animals in distinct relationships based on potential synergies.

The morning session covers what would be considered permaculture zones 0 - 3...


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