Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty and Rotorua

21 Aug
Bay of Plenty

Join Dan Palmer online to not only learn about Holistic Decision Making but to bring it alive in your daily lived experience.

This course will support you to:

-Learn “what is HDM?”
-Uncover and articulate your own unique life context including your core values

06 Aug
Bay of Plenty

This nine-week intensive online course guides participants on a deep journey into the theory and practice of Living Design Process (LDP).

LDP is a rigorous, practical, life-sourced approach to designing and creating complex living forms from landscapes and buildings to lifescapes, events...

19 Oct
Bay of Plenty

Become a gardening expert with this once-a -month course that follows the seasons.

This course is suitable for those interested in successfully growing veggies, cropping shrubs, fruit trees at home, as well as those with a profit from harvest in mind.

We are offering 14 workshops...

Photo of Making a Choice
05 Jul
Bay of Plenty

Plenty Permaculture is delighted to be able to bring to you this weekend Holistic Decision-Making Course, presented by Dan Palmer with Kazel Cass & Hannah Pehi.

Holistic Decision Making is designed to help you to find your why, clarify your holistic goals and articulate what really...

18 Jun
Bay of Plenty

This 14 session course offers a hands-on year of fundamental growing skills. Seasonally appropriate curriculum includes plant propagation, summer and winter pruning, understanding soils, pests, diseases, weed management, companion planting, planting for insect retention and crop management....

Upcoming 2019 PDC course in the BOP

Bay of Plenty Design Course Starts 4 May

Bay of Plenty Design Course Starts 4 May

Whether you are interested in earning a permaculture design certificate or just want to realise a permaculture property dream, this year-long course will get you there. Over 12 Saturdays, you'll learn to design abundant, low maintenance and coordinated house -orchard -garden -access -soil -...

04 May 2019
Bay of Plenty
26 Jun
Bay of Plenty

18 Oct
Bay of Plenty

The latest in the "Green Print for Whakatane" series of hui, this one bringing together like-minded locals who are keen to work together for food sovereignty.

Food sovereignty is about meeting food security through local production for local needs. It is about resilience and

property design made with Inkscape

Get introduced to a free, easy to use, design software

15 Jul
Bay of Plenty

In this workshop Kazel Cass will introduce you to using Inkscape graphic design software to create digital designs. It is free software, easy to learn and can be used to create permaculture property designs, logos, letterheads and more.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:...

Photos of kids having a great time gardening

Kids having a great time gardening at school!

04 Jul
Bay of Plenty

- Transforming School Grounds into Abundant Foodscapes
Learn how to work with children to create a nourishing school environment for outdoor learning using a permaculture design approach and organic garden methods.



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